Monday, March 16, 2015

DVDiculous: Penguins Of Madagascar

I got to watch the movie Penguins Of Madagascar recently and loved this crazy ass movie. I have watched a part of one of the movies connected to this one and didn't like the art style so I passed on it and had no interest in these but after watching this I'm gonna have to change that. This movie had me laughing almost every single minute.

This is about three young seals that end up finding an egg and making it the next member of the team. They end up drifting on an iceberg and end up leaving a circus and breaking into Fort Knox to steal some Cheesy Dibbles from a vending machine and end up captured by an evil scientist that is really an octopus named Dave. Dave hates them and wants to turn all penguins ugly since when he was at a zoo he was the best attraction until the cute penguins arrived.

The penguins are saved by a team called North Wind. They are a spy team just like the penguins but better equipped and more professional. They are also looking for Dave. These two teams learn to work with one another to attack Dave who succeeds in stealing all of the penguins from zoos around the world and turning them all kinds of ugly.

If you have not seen this you should. Even without watching the series or the previous movies I was able to jump into this and crack up laughing. This has lots of jokes that mostly adults will get but kids will laugh at because it is silly as hell.

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