Friday, March 6, 2015

Way Back: Don Juan Or If Don Juan Were a Woman

A few weeks ago Koko wanted to watch Don Juan, Or If Don Juan Were a Woman. Catchy title with a theme you will hear about 15 times. It was made back in 1973 and stars Brigitte Bardot as Jeanne. She is a woman that tells people that she was a man in a past life. In short, she crazy. She meets up with her cousin while he is preaching at a funeral and tells him that she needs to see him because she may have killed a man. He says no but shows up later at her submarine house because she got that boom boom pow. 

Its funny how when you watch some actors and actresses in older films you realize that they were terrible. They just looked good on screen. Jeanne tells the story of a rich government guy with a wife and kid that she gets to fall in love with her just for fun. She ruins his life and leaves him walking the streets of Paris drunk. Which means he's a normal French citizen. Shut up. Its funny. Next is a guy that is an asshole and married to a young woman. She fucks his marriage up and cockteases him until he slaps her a few times and she smiles and leaves.

The last guy is a young guitar player that is in love with him. She fucks him in an empty club and asks if he would kill himself for her. He's like “Of course. You're a hot woman. I'll do a lot of dumb shit if you asked.” So she leaves, he slits his wrists, she comes back and sees he is dead. Somehow this story makes her cousin want to fuck her and they do. Weird French cousin sex. Later she meets up with the first guy she ruined just to laugh at him. He sets the place on fire. She saves him but gets trapped in flames. Its hilarious. This was a strange ass movie. Not sure why it was so controversial since I laughed quite a bit. 

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