Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Max Landis Discusses The Game With Wrestling Isn't Wrestling

Max Landis has done it again. For years now besides writing scripts he has made videos and posted them on Youtube at Uptomyknees. He latest is called Wrestling Isn't Wrestling that in two days has almost half a million views and focuses on the career or wrestler Triple H aka Hunter Hearst Helmsley aka HHH aka The Cerebral Assassin aka The Game. He is one of my five favorite wrestlers after Mr. Perfect, Bret “The Hitman” Hart, Kevin Von Eric, and Sting because of the fact that he has changed throughout the years. I've been watching this stuff for 33 years. Deal with it.

You can tell that Landis really cares about this and is truly entertained by the craziness of wrestling. It starts off with Hunter's beginning as a rich kid. I remember this very vividly and was surprised that it was even included in this story because for some reason this is never brought up anymore. Wrestling fans are said to have bad memories which is not close to true. That's why so many of them over 30 get mad at it nowadays. His corporate character right now is not shocking if you know how he started. Its a natural evolution of the character.

Next is his run with Degeneration X. This is fun because they did manage to get away with a lot of shit that would not fly today. His relationship with Shawn Michaels aka HBK aka The Heartbreak Kid aka The Showstopper aka Mr. Wrestlemania is shown as well as their breakup and reuniting.

One of my favorite parts is when Evolution is covered. The portrayal of Randy Orton as a psychopath that loves attacking old people and Batista as a rage monster made me crack up. The fact that hot chicks are playing all these parts while Landis narrates makes this even better.

This is 24 minutes long and not a moment is wasted. “Now don't get me wrong. A lot of wrestling sucks. But when its good its fucking great.” This is a good quote because it is so true. I wrote a post (click here for that) about defending wrestling. At one point my week was dominated by wrestling and eventually I started writing for Tha O Show and talking and writing about the good in wrestling. Now I watch maybe 15 minutes of it in clips. I check out NXT when I can. I love watching PWG clips when they come on. This video made me want to watch some old HHH clips. Thanks for making this...and the chick that plays Batista. God. She is hot. 

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