Thursday, March 5, 2015

Casting Slouch: Lupita Nyong'o As Storm

Wouldn't it be crazy if when they did another X-Men film instead of bringing back Halle Berry and whatever accent she thinks she is doing they brought in Lupita Nyong'o? I'm sure someone just said “She doesn't look like Storm though.” Guess what? Neither does Halle! Another thing is that Lupita was born in Mexico City to Kenyan parents. That mean she's Mexican. Its science. Just like Louis CK. Deal with that nonsense for a moment. 

What always bugged me about Storm in those films other than the fact that she was not close to as powerful as she is in the comics and cartoons is that she was used as a distraction while other teams members did the heavy lifting. While everyone battles they have had her make it hard for villains to see by making clouds. 

Storm is a badass and a leader that gets no love in the films. I think that by bringing Lupita in you'll get the right look and someone that will try hard. Yes. I'm saying that Halle is not trying. She damn near ruined anyone else playing Catwoman ever again. I would love to see what Lupita could bring to a role that has yet to be portrayed properly in film.

Ororo Munroe is born in New York City as the child of Kenyan tribal princess N'Dare and American photographer David Munroe. When Ororo is six months old, she and her parents move to the Egyptian capital of Cairo. Five years later, during the Suez Crisis, a fighter jet crashes into her parents' house, killing them. Buried under tons of rubble, Ororo survives but is orphaned and left with intense claustrophobia. Her fear was once so intense that she was known to revert to a fetal position and approach a catatonic state. 

After the death of her parents, Ororo wanders Cairo's back-alleys for a few weeks, until she is picked up by the benign street lord Achmed el-Gibar and becomes a prolific thief; among her victims is her future mentor Professor X who is there to meet the Shadow King. Following an inner urge, she wanders into the Serengeti as a teenager and meets T'Challa, who would become her future husband. Despite strong mutual feelings, the two part ways. In the Serengeti, Ororo first displays her mutant ability to control the weather. Sometime after this, she met the witch-priestess, Ainet, who took her in and became her surrogate mother. Once, when their village was going through a terrible drought, Storm commanded rain for days just to help them.”

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