Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Way Back: Sid & Nancy

Koko showed up out of nowhere and said she wanted to watch the movie Sid & Nancy. I'd heard of this movie from 1986 and seen pictures from it but never really had a desire to see it. It was an okay movie but I have a low tolerance for people on drugs. They annoy me. And Nancy in this movie annoyed the shit out of me. This is based off the true story of the murder of Nancy Spungen played by Chloe Webb at the hands of Sid Vicious played by a very young looking Gary Oldman. But before all that....drugs.

The story starts off with a murder and Vicious being questioned by police. They lead you to believe that someone else was murdered at the start. The story goes back to the Sex Pistols being all famous and meeting Nancy. People know her for fucking bands and just clinging to them. No one wants her around. Eventually she gets Vicious hooked on heroin, the band breaks up, they live in squalor, and spend all their time high or fighting. During her scenes I had to turn my TV down from 19 to 11. Eventually Vicious stabs Nancy but they are both too high to even really notice it. She wakes up and realizes that she is bleeding then dies in the bathroom in a completely different position than in real life. Sid goes to jail, gets out, and dies the next year from an overdose. 

An interesting movie but not the cult classic I was expecting. Seriously, a lot had to do with the voice of Nancy. It was like someone dragging Bugs Bunny down a glass covered road. I need to hear the real Nancy and see what she sounded like. One moment. Oh, god. Her voice really sounded like that. Never mind.

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