Monday, May 23, 2016

The Review: Preacher (Pilot Episode)

Preacher 6/10

A British guy, and English guy, and an Irish/Ethiopian woman star as a Texas preacher, an Irish vampire, and a Southern woman in the new AMC series Preacher based off of the comic books. I am a fan of the comic but not super attached to it so I don't mind the shit ton of changes that were done in this pilot episode. Dominic Cooper who I think is a great actor stars as Jesse Custer who is given the power of The Word. If he tells you to do something you will. Joe Gilgun is Cassidy, the Irish vampire. And Ruth Negga is Tulip O'Hare. There will be some spoilers.

The episode starts off well but there are some parts that slow it down to a screeching halt. It starts off in Africa with a preacher suddenly being hit by Genesis and shouting for everyone to shut up. They do and moments later he explodes all over everyone. Meanwhile Jesse is at his crumby church preaching to people that don't give a damn. Out of everyone I think his introduction and character are the least compelling so far. First episode, I get it. He got better by the end. Jesse Custer has a great introduction. He is getting fucked up drunk and high on an airplane with a bunch of businessmen. After heading to the bathroom and seeing a bible wit notes scribbled in it he realizes that he is being set up. All the guys are hunting him down and he kills them quite creatively. He dives out the plane, lands in Texas exploding, and yanks a cow into the hole to get blood back.

Tulip has the best debut. She shoots a guy in the head and fights off another before stabbing him and sticking corn on the cob down his throat in front of some kids. She ends up blowing up a helicopter with some moonshine, metal army men toys, and coffee canisters. The three main characters end up meeting in Texas while a team is searching wherever these church attacks have happened finally landing where Jesse is.

This show is nothing like what I know of the comic but it was still watchable. Not sure if I will be clamoring to check it out every week if it doesn't yank me in by the third episode. They have only ten planned for the first season which is good so that they don't wear out their welcome the way The Flash has been this current season. I can't wait to write about that shit tomorrow night. I don't have the patience for shows to get better the way I use to. I am afraid that there will be too many hunters between the angels, the upcoming Killer of Saints, and some secret organizations.

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