Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Review: Lucifer Season 1

Lucifer 6/10

The first season of Lucifer on Fox wrapped up and I didn't realize it. I was waiting to watch it and some other show debuted which if course made me go “Only on Fox!” thinking it was already canceled or doing like The Flash and taking a month off in the middle of the season. This wasn't the case. Its been green-lit for a second season which is cool. I wrote about the pilot a while back (click here to check that out) and other than one actor being switched the cast is pretty much the same and sadly so is the basic premise of weird guy helping solve crimes. That is a thing on too many shows now. Someone gets murdered and no one can figure out why until Captain Asperger appears.

Tom Ellis is great as Lucifer Morningstar. That was not changed. They have shown a bit more about what he was up to in Hell and his missing wings which explains the scars on his back. He has started to lose his ability to be invulnerable when he is around his partner Chloe which added a new element to his character I enjoyed. I am digging his ability to get people to say their deepest desires whether they want to or not except for his partner. Speaking of which...

Chloe Decker played by Lauren German confuses me sometimes. There have been scenes on the show where she will be a completely different person. One time I had to rewind an episode to see if I missed something because she was being a total dick and then the next thing you know acting all sweet towards him. This isn't when she was drunk. That episode was stupid. I get that they were trying to show he won't fuck drunk girls but there had to be a better way than having this single mother show up drunk at Lucifer's bar and throwing herself at him like that.

D.B Woodside has thankfully been given a personality. In the first few appearances he was too T-1000 and just a strict goon. His actions get more and more desperate as the series goes on and culminates in a storyline that went on for too long and was not that interesting to me. He brought a cop back from death that was part of a murder that wrecked Chloe's reputation and that got her baby daddy more involved and it spun out of control for too many episodes. I was like “Just kill this asshole!” Take whatever jail time you have to because the opposite (being blackmailed, kidnapped, your family held hostage) is not worth it.

Lesley-Ann Brandt plays Mazikeen aka Maze. I like her character and wishes she was involved more. She was used for a fuck toy for a while and it bugged me because she is a powerful ass demon that works at a bar just to be around Lucifer and here she is turning on his, joining the angel, then being a double agent for Lucifer, only to want them to kill each other. Fully aware she looks like the women I complained about during my Powers review.

If I had known that there were only 13 episodes in the season I would have been more upset about the fact that perhaps five were ones that I felt were wasted. I'm tired of Chloe being skeptical of Lucifer's powers. She saw him do something on tape that can not be explained. She saw him get shot and not get hurt (yeah, I know he did when she shot him but that's for unknown reasons). He's vanished like Batman in a room full of people. Accept he is magic! And please, for the second season, please stop using every song you can find with evil or the devil in the lyrics. I got tired of it during the pilot and it continued in every episode.

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