Friday, January 20, 2017

The Review: He Never Died

He Never Died 9/10

There will be spoilers. I thoroughly enjoyed this crazy ass movie! I was browsing my Netflix and stumbled across this movie He Never Died. It stars Henry Rollins as a guy named Jack. He lives in a regular apartment, pays rent in cash, and does the same thing every single day. He goes to a diner, plays bingo at church three times a week, and pick up something from an intern at a hospital and tosses it in his fridge. He is at home just waiting for time to pass when a girl comes to his door, he opens it, and she leaves. Later two guys show up looking for Jack's supplier. He beats their asses pretty easily and though he is shot in the hand he just wraps it and goes to bed.

Later an ex girlfriend calls and tells him that the girl was his daughter from a one night stand they had almost twenty years ago named Andrea. He doesn't care, says she could have afforded the abortion, and tells her not to call him again. She insists he go get her because driving home drunk with a suspended license is her jam. He finds her at this guys house and takes her to the diner where this waitress Cara payed by Kate Greenhouse has a crush on him even though he rarely speaks and orders the same thing every day. This creepy old guy with a goatee is also there and Jack is shocked that his daughter can see him too. He tells her not to ever look at him and pretend she didn't even see him.

Jack has Andrea stay with him not wanting anything to do with her. He leaves for a walk and comes back hours after. After a trip to the diner where he is drugged he ends up falling into a river with a killer only to emerge. He finds the previous two guys and rips one of their throats out with his bare hands. At this point you realize that there is something really fucking strange about Jack. He gets shot in the hand, heals hours later. Gets shot in the head and gets annoyed. Yanks knives out of his body like they are thorns. Its nuts in the best of ways.

I am so glad that I came upon this movie because I did not know what to expect. The effects aren't amazing or anything but the story was very cool and Rollins had me laughing out loud so many times with just facial expressions and his exasperation with people. If you have the chance you should totally check this crazy ass movie out.

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