Monday, January 30, 2017

The Review: Justice League Dark

Justice League Dark 4/10

I watched the new Justice League Dark and was super excited because I like many of the characters individually and looked forward to seeing them in animated form. Sadly, I was disappointed in this because instead of making something original out of these characters they ended up just making another Justice League movie in the end. People all over the world are going crazy and seeing people as demons and hurting and killing them. The funny thing is that you'd assume people would run away or call the cops or a superhero or something. Instead for once they decide to take the law into their own hands and just start shooting folks.

The Justice League finds out about this and when the idea of it being magic based is brought up Batman acts all skeptical for some reason. He is in a room with aliens and metahumans but for some reason he is acting like its outside the realm of possibility. Its silly. We are introduced to John Constantine and Jason Blood aka The Demon Etrigan at an evil poker game. We are later given the back story of Deadman via Zatanna. There are some twists and turns which turn out to be way obvious. We get to meet Swamp Thing which had the potential to be awesome. I think that's everyone. Some god guy shows up, miscommunication happens, the good guys win.

Super bummed that Shade the Changing Man was not in this since he is one of my favorite characters. They had some magical robot type woman that reminded me of Jarvis from The Avengers. Would have been cool if this wasn't so predictable. The music was horrible. In these kinda movies I either think the movie is cool or pay it no mind but the music in this was so damned distracting. It was like some type of dubstep/opera shit that got worse and louder as the movie progressed. Deadman's voice was not fun to hear. The animation was good enough but that's about all the nice things I have to say about this.

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