Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Review: Turbo Kid

Turbo Kid 8/10

This will have spoilers. Months ago someone at work suggested this movie to me after we all got into a conversation about the Nintendo Power Glove. He said that there was this movie called Turbo Kid where the kid had a Power Glove on. Sadly, that was all it took to get me interested in the movie. This came out in 2015 and like Kung Fury, which everyone should watch on Youtube, is made and designed to be very 80's based. It stars Munro Chambers as this kid that lives alone in the post-apocalyptic world of 1997. I don't recall that being said in the film but Wikipedia says its so. He pretty much just dicks around the wasteland collecting trash and trading it in for water. No one has gasoline so they all travel on bikes, even the hard ass bad guys.

One day while reading a comic called Turbo Rider a girl comes out of nowhere. She seems batshit crazy and very nonchalantly leaves a dead body that she was hanging out with. She is perpetually happy. Her name is Apple and she is played by Laurence Leboeuf. She slaps a device on his wrist and he leaves her behind. She tracks him back to his place and he gets used to her crazy ass and they hang out. She gets captured one day and he runs away and lands inside the hatch of the real Turbo Rider vehicle and he gets the uniform and glove. He goes to rescue her at the Pool Party which is an empty swimming pool where the bad guy has folks killed and they turn their bodies into water. Its gross.

The bad guy is Zeus played by Michael Ironside. He's a dick. You find out that years ago he killed the kids parents with the help of his henchman Skeletron which is an awesome name. There is also this cowboy named Frederick that helps the kid after Zeus cut his hand off. This movie was strange as hell, bloody as all fuck, and very entertaining. Not even close to a kids film unless you have one of those kids that is super fucked in the head. This is on Netflix so I am sure I'll watch it again.

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