Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Review: Boondock Saints

Boondock Saints 5/10

If you had me write this when I first saw this movie I would have been like “9 out of 10! Awesome movie!” But as someone that is on the wrong side of 30 I cant even come close to rating Boondock Saints that high. This is not a terrible movie but after watching so many other films over this particular one does not live up to the memory hype. Its like when you think of how cool 80's cartoons were but watch them again and realize that all the cool shit was in the last minutes when the team formed Voltron or He-Man showed up. The rest was booty ass.

This movie is about two Irish Catholic fraternal twins named Connor and Murphy MacManus played by Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus. One day in church they hear the story of a woman that was attacked years ago and no one did anything and get inspired to become bumbling vigilantes who happen to not get killed doing the shit they do because of luck or god. You take your pick. They pick god. They survive assaults and injuries that even Batman would say were ludicrous. On their trail but not really is Agent Paul Smecker played by Willem Dafoe. He is gay so gay and cross dresser jokes can be made.

I vaguely recall watching the sequel to this and thinking it was not as good so of course a third one is in the works. I am shocked that Reedus would agree to do this considering how popular he is from The Walking Dead now and surely does not need the headache this movie will dredge up from the past. No matter what race or gender you are this movie will find a way to attempt to offend it. It doesn't unless you're sensitive. As an adult it just comes across like some high school kid with deep seated gay tendencies and hatred for those feelings wrote this as a cathartic way to get that shit out. If they made a version of this with just Dafoe's scenes I'd just watch that. He was fucking nuts.

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