Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Review: Mr. Robot Season 1

Mr. Robot Season One 9/10

I first heard about this show after it won an award a show I watched got it. I don't even remember which show or what award. I just remember being shocked that Christian Slater was in a show that people were watching and won awards in this day. While ironing, which is where I discover most new shows that I watch, I stumbled across Mr. Robot on Amazon. I was like “Fine, I'll watch it!” but mostly because Brain Dead has not updated any new episodes after being on hiatus for a few weeks now. Seriously. Shows, especially new ones, need to cut that shit out. I knew by the end of the first episode of this that they had me hooked.

I had this show pegged wrong from how it started. I thought “Oh, great. Let me guess how this'll go. He is a weird guy with a weird ability that no one else has except maybe some other weird guy using his weird powers for bad and this guy uses his for good. Yawn!” I was so damned wrong. It stars Rami Malek as Elliot Alderson. He works as a security engineer at this place called Allsafe Cybersecurity. He helps keep the company from being hacked. He also has mad social anxiety, clinical depression, and sees things that are not there. Or are they? Sometimes I thought they were but they weren't. Entire scenes would happen and its seem so normal and turns out to be fake or too crazy and turn out to be real. There are points in the show where he even asks the viewers if they knew something surprising to him and why we didn't say something sooner.

Then there is Slater as Mr. Robot. He runs a group called fsociety and they are hackers trying to take down a business called E Corp. Elliot calls them Evil Corp so much that there are scenes where people will say it that way or he just hears it as such. If they are successful all debt is erased and chaos ensues. The music on this show, the acting, the story, the characters, and the way they show drug addiction and mental disabilities are portrayed great. At one point I figured they would start acting like that movie Hackers, which I love, but they actually made fun of it. There is far more to this show but I feel like I've already said to much. I went into this blind and became a huge fan and can't wait to watch the second season.

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