Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Review: Brain Dead Episode One

Brain Dead Episode One 9/10

I knew nothing about this CBS series Brain Dead other than it had a very vague looking poster. I had no desire to check it out and I have to admit that some of it is because its on network television. And the fact that I assumed it was a political show and I hate hearing the word let alone spending my free time watching anything about it. But the other day while ironing I needed something to watch so while browsing Amazon I saw this pop up and decided to watch and I'm glad that I did. I have watched two of the three episodes and if they keep this story up as well as the acting I'll be sticking around.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is Laurel Healy. She needs funding for her documentary and agrees to work for her brother Senator Luke Healy played by Danny Pino for six months after her father agrees to pay off her college shit. Meanwhile in Russia a meteor fell into the water and when they dive for it a bunch of fish are just still around it. They yank it out the water and it is all downhill for humans afterward. The meteor cracks open and these creatures that look like ants swarm out of it. This engineers wife comes to talk to Laurel saying her husband has been acting weird lately and shows her a video. Later that night her husband covers her mouth in bed and lets these ants march into her ear. Next day she comes back to talk to Laurel and says that everything is perfect now.

There ends up being a government shut down and the Democrats are blamed for it with a lot of laid off staffers giving Laurel the stink eye because she gets to stay. Tony Shalhoub is the Republican Senator named Raymond “Red” Wheatus. He has been infected by these ants and there is a gross ass scene where his head shits his brain out. Aaron Tveit is Gareth Ritter and works for Wheatus and has started to notice his weird behavior but not enough to begin stopping him. Oh, and a guys head explodes. Its pretty horrible. This series premiere was very good at letting me know what everyone was like personality wise and motivation wise pretty damned fast considering it had only forty something minutes to do so. I really like that everyone's reactions so far seem realistic. Check this out if you get the chance.

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