Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Review: Batman The Killing Joke

Batman The Killing Joke 4/10

I planned on seeing this at The Arclight because they had a one night showing but saw a short clip of the movie that made me go “You know what? I'll watch it online.” It is the scene that a lot of folks are talking about with Batgirl ripping her costume off to fuck Batman on a rooftop. If you've ever read The Killing Joke then you know that this never happens. I don't mind when a movie or animated film makes changes. Sometimes its for the better. But a huge chunk of the movie is dedicated to this story of Batgirl being bad at her job, banging Batman, losing her cool, quitting, and then getting shot and photographed naked by the Joker in an attempt to drive Commissioner Gordon insane.

This part finally leads to the actual story that when animated made me realize that it is too short to be a feature length animated movie and this shouldn't have been made. They have a possible Joker origin like the comic and everything. But that damned stuff at the beginning just wasn't even a good story. The only part of this I truly enjoyed was when Batman was going nuts looking for Joker and he busts into this spot whipping all the ass and this one guy is like “I don't need to lie to you. Calm your shit.” The animation is good. The voices are perfect. The music is cool. But this was just not necessary. I was so excited to see this and after watching it was left feeling very meh.

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