Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Review: Castlevania

Castlevania 8/10

I decided to take a break from watching the second season of Black Mirror and feeling weird an check out the new Netflix Castlevania series. I played the video game back in the 80's but I'm not married to it and didn't follow it throughout its many incantations. I say this to point out that I have no idea where the story went so I'm not upset whether or not this one stays true to whatever happened in the games. This starts with this lady finding Dracula and trying to convince him to learn more about humanity and he'll teach her science. It works but backfires when the church burns her ass at the stake. Dracula finds out and he is like “Fuck everything!” and gives folks a year to make peace with their god before he returns and kills them all. He does. Its violent as fuck.

Meanwhile Trevor Belmont is trying to not care. He's getting drunk in a bar when these guys notice he is a Belmont who are being blamed for evil being released. Trevor ends up whipping these dudes asses and makes it to a town that is being attacked by demons every night. The church is trying to cut some shady ass deal while killing some people known as Speakers. Trevor ends up fighting demons, a cyclops, and church folk.

This show had surprisingly good dialogue and I found out that it was written by Warren Ellis. The voice work is good as well as the story. The art is all right. Just a basic anime style, nothing to wrote home about. Each episode was just twenty five minutes long so I ended up watching the whole thing while ironing my clothes. Check this out if you have Netflix and are slightly interested in this game or story. I had fun watching this. It feels more like a movie broken up into parts than a series. 

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