Saturday, April 30, 2016

Stop It Katt Williams

I was going to say that for what seems like the last few years that comedian Katt Williams was losing his shit. Then I looked at a time line of all of his interactions with the law and drama and realized that none of what he's been doing should shock me at all. I was sitting here thinking that his apparent downward spiral had been in the last two years maybe. Nope. Here is a rough time line of his nonsense. I'm sure I'll leave some stuff out.

In November 2006 he was arrested after a stolen gun was found in his briefcase at LAX. He spent three years in jail and was given three years probation.

In 2008 he moved with his kids, eight in total with seven being adopted, and had to fight a nanny for custody of one of his daughters. How that happens, I don't know.

In November of 2010 in Georgia he was arrested for stealing jewelry and coins totaling $3,500.

In June of 2011 in L.A he was arrested when he and three female goons attacked a tractor driver hitting them with rocks and dirt. He was released after posting bail.

In November 2012 (he needs to stay home in November it seems!) he was being looked into for attacking a former assistant. While in Oakland the same month he was arrested for beating an 18 year old in Berkeley. Same month, days later, he was sued for no-showing.

Days later in December 2012 he was arrested in Seattle after getting into a dispute. On the 7th of the same month he was arrested for not stopping for police the previous month after driving a motorbike on the sidewalk. Later that month he was arrested for child endangerment and had four of them place in protective custody. Around this time he slapped a Target employee.

In January of 2013 he was arrested in his home in L.A for not showing up for the motorbike incident.

October 2014 he and Suge Knight were arrested for stealing the camera from a reporter. This I do remember.

In February of 2016 he was arrested in Georgia for attacking a pool store clerk. Cops came and Katt was laying on the ground face down and ready for jail.

In March of 2016 after playing soccer with some students he got choked out by a kid after throwing the first punch which seemed to have no effect on the student. Police are still investigating this since Katt threw the first “punch.” Before this incident he got his ass kicked at a Beanie Sigel concert but it was mostly forgotten after the kid slapped a crossfaced chickenwing on him.

And lastly, for now, on April 27th 2016 he was arrested in Georgia after throwing a salt shaker at a manager of a restaurant.

After Katt was choked out by the kid he kept talking about the fact that he was a celebrity. Now, I am thinking that he really is considering the fact that he has been in trouble with the law and is still free to be an idiot. Does he needs meds? Better friends? Awesome cable service so he doesn't feel like leaving home and getting into trouble?

Katt is in a position where if he stayed out of the public's eye for the rest of the year, got help, and worked on his material he could make an amazing comeback. He could be on stage explaining every mugshot and what happened and turning it into comedy. Richard Pryor set himself on fire trying to light a crack pipe and turned that into one of his funniest standup acts. Otherwise we are looking at someone on their way down that will not be recovering. The fact that he has so many kids and still has enough time to be such a goddamn fool is amazing.

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