Sunday, May 8, 2016

Who Was The Black Woman In Captain America Civil War?!

When I was watching Captain America: Civil War there was a scene where Black Panther is heading to his car to leave and this Black lady tells Black Widow (so much Black!) to move or she will move her. Me and some other people in the theater were like “Whoa. Who is this?” I went online looking for some random Black Panther sidekick or partner that I wasn't aware of. I even checked during the credits looking for a comic book type name that I could attach to this woman. I couldn't, Even when I checked online for something like “Black woman, Civil War, Black Panther” nothing came up. Plus those three phrases will lead you down a 1960's rabbit hole of injustice.

Eventually I found a name that seemed Africa-like and discovered her name is Florence Kasumba. In the movie she is listed as security officer. She lives in Germany but was born in Kampala, Uganda. She is 5 foot 8 and seems cool as fuck. One scene! That was all she needed to make an impression on me. She has been in a bunch of movies and series that I've never seen or heard of but I seriously hope that she is in the Black Panther solo film. She doesn't need a suit or anything! Just have her kick a little bit of ass and I'll be happy. 


Unknown said...

Black panther has a sister who was pretty bad ass or maybe (big maybe) it's a nod to storm his wife for a time in the comics..move or u will be moved.

Dante said...

Someone on Twitter broke it down for me and sent links about this bad ass group of women from many tribes that he has as security.