Monday, May 9, 2016

The Review: Ash Vs Evil Dead Season 1

Ash Vs Evil Dead 10/10

This will contain spoilers. Its not often I will watch a show and in the middle of an episode shout “I love this show!” But Ash Vs Evil Dead made me say it a few times. This series aired on Starz which I'm not even sure many people get. If that channel continues to put out shows like this one I'll be happy to watch. AVED is a show that continues from the Evil Dead movies from decades ago. I was late getting into them (I think I was in my early 20's) but quickly loved them. I'd seen Bruce Campbell in shows for years and some Sam Raimi stuff but never really connected the two. In this series Ash played by Bruce Campbell is working at a electronics shop while lying about why he lost his right hand to have sex with women.

He starts to notice that weird, ghostly things are happening while having sex with a woman in the bathroom. She kinda turns into a demon and warns him that they are coming. He freaks out but continues because he's a champion. At work with Pablo played by Ray Santiago he ends up battling a doll in the warehouse. He begins to bond with Pablo who believes his story of fighting evil spirits. Pablo refers to him as a mythological figure his uncle once spoke of called “El Jefe.” Kelly played by Dana DeLorenzo who Pablo has a thing for ends up joining them after all hell starts to break loose.

Jill Marie Jones as a cop named Amanda Fisher and her partner investigate a home and are attacked by a girl that possesses her partner whom she ends up battling against. Of course no one believes her story and she is taken off duty. She bumps into Lucy Lawless who is Ruby Knowby, a woman on the hunt for Ash to get him to get rid of the Necronomicon. Oh, the spirits are awakened because one day while getting stoned Ash and her read the book aloud to show off for her. She's the same girl that attacked Amanda and her partner.

This series was so fun to watch. The special effects were super bloody like the original movies which I loved. And practical effects. When there is gallons of blood being sprayed all over everyone it is on them for the rest of the episode. Even when they clean up they aren't completely clean. The music is cool as fuck because they play a lot of classic rock. The cast is all useful. There are no wasted episodes. I have no complaints about this show. Even when Ash does something stupid it makes sense because its Ash an he does stupid things. I loved this series and am so glad there will be another one.

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