Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Review: Justice League Vs. Teen Titans

Justice League Vs. Teen Titans 5/10

I found out that this Justice League Vs. Teen Titans movie came out last year. I try to keep up on all the new DC and Marvel animated movies and somehow this one slipped past me. This is a different take on the Teen Titans because this stuff is all based on that New 52 thing going on in DC. Or maybe it stopped. I don't know. Its all too complicated and one of the reasons I stopped reading comics. In this one Starfire is the leader of the Titans and everything that happens is new. The Justice League in this consists of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and The Flash. The whip some villain ass and Batman gets pissed because Damian Wayne aka Robin is a little shit and disobeys orders. He is sent to the Titans as punishment and to learn how to work with others.

Robin shows up and meets Starfire, Blue Beetle, Beast Boy, and Raven. He hates everyone. He thinks he is super emo. No. Raven is super emo. She tells Robin to stay out of her shit because even though he thinks his grandfather is a demon, her father is an actual one and he wants back on Earth to wreck shit. Some demons start taking over folks and get their hands on Superman while he is washing his draws. He flips out and starts beating the shit out of Atomic Skull until Wonder Woman and Batman show up. Superman is being used to help bring Raven's dad, Trigon, to Earth.

This movie was not terrible but it wasn't as cool as I'd hoped it would be. Its like they can't depend on the strength of the Teen Titans alone to carry a movie so the League are shoehorned in. Every time they are used when its not their main story they have to be taken over be something and/or mind controlled. Multiple times the Titans show that they are not strong enough to handle their own fights so they just came across as looking weak. And the title is misleading. The art was good. The music was bad. The voices were well done. But the story just felt like a long episode of something just to set up another movie. Which turns out is true.

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