Saturday, January 17, 2015

DVDiculous: Justice League Throne of Atlantis

I got to watch this new Justice League: Throne of Atlantis. This is an Aquaman movie that also features the Justice League because you can not have this character in a film alone. Aquaman aka Arthur Curry is getting drunk in a bar after the death of his father and chatting with a lobster. He gets into a fight with some guys who want to eat it and kicks their asses. 

He is damn near unstoppable. Meanwhile, a submarine is attacked by creatures and Cyborg gets involved. This movie is almost as much about Cyborg as it is Aquaman.

There isn't really a ton to say about this movie. The art is cool. The voices were fine. The action done well. But it wasn't as good as the previous DC animated movies. Aquaman is just not that interesting to me. I enjoyed the scenes where the rest of the team were focused on more than him and the ending just confused the hell out of me. There's no need to rush out and rent/buy this one which sucks because DC is usually good for an animated movie.

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