Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Review: The Day The Earth Stood Still

For a movie made when my father was 1 years old The Day The Earth Stood Still looked pretty damned good. I decided to check this out on Amazon. I've heard of this movie for years and even knew what the robot, Gort, looked like from posters, pictures, and random things. But this movie was not about what I thought it was. It was actually far more thought provoking and insightful than the “robot comes to Earth and humanity fights back” tale I expected.

The world gets information that something is moving fast around Earth but nobody is seriously worried about it until a spaceship lands in the middle of a baseball field in Washington D.C. The military shows up and this alien named Klaatu gets out. He removes a small device from his jacket and it springs open with spikes and a soldier pops his ass in the shoulder with a bullet. This big ass robot named Gort starts disintegrating guns until Klaatu calms his shit. Klaatu is like “That was a gift for your president that would've let him study life on other planets but fuck it now. I'm hurt!”

Klaatu heals fast, is older than he looks, and has a message to spread to the world. Of course the government wants the information for themselves and talks about how not every nation is part of the United Nations. Klaatu is getting impatient and ends up escaping and heading to a hotel type house something or other. He meets some nice people and a young kid. Within one day his mom leaves him with Klaatu who they were speculating may be a criminal or an FBI agent. He walks around with diamonds. They go to check out the ship which the military is trying to get open even though a laser shooting robot is inside!

This pretty much boils down to we, humans, are making stronger and more dangerous weapons and need to calm our shit because we will eventually end up on the radar of way more advanced species and they will wreck our shit. Gort is a robot that polices planets because species don't know how to do it properly themselves. The music in this movie was really cool and weird. It was a fast 90 minute film and you should check it out if you never had.

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