Thursday, November 12, 2015

10 Reasons Why You Should Have Watch Luther

If you have not seen the BBC series Luther starring Idris Elba maybe you just have something against good TV or you're one of those people that say you don't have time to watch TV but spend hours texting every day which proves you are terrible at time management. Or perhaps you are someone that thinks they have enough shows to watch and do not need to see another cop show. Wrong! You can keep your shuffling ass zombies or contests to crown the next a American loser. I'll stick with this show about a detective that is always on the edge of losing his shit.

This is about a Detective Chief Inspector named John Luther. Luther is as someone tells him “Fighting for the dead.” He can not have a healthy relationship no matter how much he thinks he can. He does things that are beyond illegal for what he thinks are good reasons. He could also steal your wife with a wink. That is a superpower I've been working on for years now. This show has now aired three series (that is what they call seasons over there) which consist of six, four, and four episodes. Here are the 10 Reasons Why You Should Have Watch Luther. Don't be stupid. You know this will contain spoilers.

Because Its Idris Fucking Elba

This guy makes bad things better so when a show or movie is good he can make it great. It also helps that he gets to use his real voice. When he was on The Wire I had no idea he was even from England. In every scene he walks into he is usually the biggest guy which immediately makes him look threatening. Seeing as how he is an inch taller than me that makes me happy. He also has the ability to calm people down or make them feel at ease with his soothing voice. I threw my panties at the screen during one episode.

The Tone

This show is really good at setting the tone of the episode from the very start. In one episode with this killer that puts a mask on women, rapes, kills them, and steals their shoes there is a long scene of a woman just walking home and getting ready for bed. Its all very plain. You know something is going to happen but not what or when. Then this sumbitch slides from under the bed like he was working on a car! It is done so scary smooth! The music also matches what is happening which is something I have started to pay more attention to when watching movies or TV shows.

Powder Keg

At the start of the series you hear of this temper that Luther has and you see him do violent things to bad guys. But you wonder why the people that work with him and his wife seem so skittish around him. Then he loses all his shit and starts destroying rooms! In one scene he tears a door apart with his bare hands and I went “Oh, okay. I get it. Run!” Its not like you wait for him to snap in every episode, which he doesn't. But knowing that underneath his calm demeanor and nice smile there is this big ass dude that has the ability to hurt, cripple, and kill people and get away with it makes him that much scarier.

The Bad Guys

Just when you think you know the motives for the bad guys in this series they switch it up on your ass. This happened almost every time while watching. There is one woman that murders her family brutally and is so smart she gets away with it. Another where a sniper is being controlled by his veteran dad from prison. And...this guy. Kidnaps a woman every ten years and drains her of all her blood. He is evil as fuck. Those were just the first three episodes by the way. I haven't mentioned the D&D killer or the vigilante that I rooted for...until a point. The crimes seem very simple and easy to determine until the investigations begin. These characters are not one dimensional.


That smart woman that killed her parents? That is Alice played by Ruth Wilson and she is incredible. She isn't like villains on some shows or movies where they are too cool to be in the room. She is like a cat. If there is a way to get out of a situation she will use it and not in a “Let me strip naked and be sexy” kind of way which is nice to see. Each time I thought she was caught the next thing you know she's walking around smiling with those stupid, sexy lips of hers and eyes that scream “You think you want this but you really don't!” I don't think I'm ready for that jelly.

No Wasted Episodes

Since there are just a few episodes per season they do not have the luxury to bullshit like shows with 13 – 20 plus shows do. Not to say that things are rushed, because they are not. It just makes sure that there is a definite quality over quantity aspect to the show that I really appreciate. And things are not always wrapped up perfectly within one episode. Sometimes a crime will bleed over into the next season. Speaking of which.

The Past

Things that Luther did in the first episode have an effect on his life even into the third season. Luther attempted to kill a guy that ends up in a coma instead with him hoping the guy doesn't wake up. Most of the time he gets evidence it is done in an illegal manner. Some people suspect it and some flat out know it. When an undercover investigation is launched into his history it could put him in prison for life. Seriously. He has done some super shady shit and probably should be arrested. Even when he starts to try and be more normal or move on his past will jump out like “I know you didn't forget about me!”

His Partner Justin

Justin Ripley played by Warren Brown is Luther's partner. He could very well represent the viewers of the show. When he starts working with Luther he knows about his reputation for better or for worse and while teaming with him comes to accept the bad that is done to a certain extent. Then it gets to the point where Luther is regularly crossing lines and needs to be stopped which is when he agrees to help put him away. But even then there is hesitance on his part because even though Luther is for all intents and purposes a sociopath he does it for the greater good. The vigilante pointed that out to Luther as well when he said “We're the same.” Lots of lunatics on this show say that to Luther.  

Very Blurred Lines

This show is not close to black and white. I keep on mentioning Luther and his criminal behavior because the bastard keeps doing it! The only time he isn't doing something dirty is when he is in the room with someone else or trying to date some poor woman that has no idea what she's getting into. Even Alice, for as nuts as she is, does some good. Yeah, its for herself but at least she is honest about it. Even his partner Justin gets accused of becoming like Luther. Its hard to say that Luther needs to be taken off the streets when he is saving kids from prostitution and kidnapped pregnant women.

Alice Again

I can not say enough good things about this woman! When she reappears in dramatic fashion I cheered. Spike strip, tear gas, baton, mace, kidnap! She did it all in one minute with a smile on her face! Alice thinks that Luther is fooling himself with “pixies” and how he thinks he believes he is supposed to live his life when he should be himself. Like her. Crazy. What I also like is that what she does is not impossible. Its just done by someone that believes strongly in themselves and is willing to do anything to survive. I want to say she is one of the best villains on TV but I don't think she is truly evil. Yeah, she killed her family and cremated the dog. But...her lips.

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Sort of Camille said...

So true! This list makes so much sense. I love this show. Looking forward to the rumored 4th series! Hope they don't pull a Deadwood *unhappy face*

Dante said...

I would make a game of Deadwood and watch until someone cursed. I think the longest I watched was 47 seconds of which ten of them was a stare down. I have faith that this is going to continue to be a good show. They have such a great cast and writers.