Friday, September 2, 2016

The Review: The Widower

The Widower 7/10

I finally finished watching the three episode series The Widower. Cam told me about it and when she told me how short it was I checked it out. I know all of you love these long series like The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad but there is no way in hell I'm jumping into a show that is that far along. I'll just watch best moment clips and be fine. The Widower is based on the true story of a killer named Malcolm Webster that was all about poisoning, stealing from, and sometimes killing women after getting into relationships with them over a thirteen year time period.

His marries a lady named Claire at this beautiful wedding surrounded by all their friends and family. A little while later she wants to check out how much money he owes because he loves spending more than he has and stealing her money. He drugs her and stages a car crash in which she explodes. He then bones out to New Zealand and meets a woman named Felicity. He marries her and is about to shove her off a cliff, and yes he has been drugging her too, but she says she is pregnant so he puts the killing on hold. He pulls the same money stealing shit and her parents end up saving her with a phone call.

Then he meets another woman named Simone and weasels his way into her life. He gets sympathy from her by claiming to have leukemia and shaves all his hair off and acts all sick and weak. She falls for it and even when detectives show up and warn her she may be in danger she ignores them. Eventually all his his bullshit catches up with him and he is given life in prison.

This was a good series and felt to me like some villain from a series like Luther that just could not be caught. I was waiting for his door to get kicked open and his ass kicked or something. I am too used to American series. I didn't rate this higher because the way it ended was very anti-climactic. It was kinda like “Hey, are you Malcolm? Okay. You're arrested.” They didn't show any of the trial which apparently had 1,000 witnesses and was the longest in Scottish history. There were also more women than was shown in this series. Of course they cant fit all of that into three episodes. You should still check this out. It'll convince you to stay single.

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