Friday, September 9, 2016

Steel Punch 2: Gideon's Revenge Level 5 Music

For those that do not know I created a soundtrack for a video game that does not exist last year called Steel Punch. I have planned to design the characters for this nonexistent game but in the meantime I ended up making an entire soundtrack for the sequel titled Steel Punch 2: Gideon's Revenge. I assume that the bad guy didn’t die for real in the first not game. The first soundtrack was very much inspired by Streets Of Rage 2. Very game-like, beepy, techno, with some hip-hop tossed in and rock when I needed it.

The second is more metal and aggressive. I made each level with a feel to it to help me create the stages, the boss, and even the bonus level music. Something is wrong with me. I was listening to the soundtrack for the sequel a few days ago on the way to work and loving it but there was something about level five that bothered me. It just did not fit with the rest of the songs at all and came across as too light. So a few minutes ago I decided to change it up and make something that I liked way more. This is it. Hope you like it. 

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