Friday, September 2, 2016

The Review: The Fall

The Fall 9/10

I am so pissed that I am just getting around to watching this movie. A friend sent an image from it years ago and I was supposed to create something (which I finally did) and we were talking about this movie and I decided to finally watch it and I am glad I did. The Fall was came out back in 2006 (or 2008 depending on who you ask) and is one of those kind of movie that make you happy that movies exist because there is nothing else that can be like this except for a fever dream. It takes place in early 1900's Los Angeles and it starts off with no sound. You just see a horse being rescued from a river while people are shouting and then pulling someone out. A stuntman is injured named Roy Walker and he is placed by Lee Pace. He is visited by this little girl named Alexandria played by Catinca Untaru who is there to have her broken arm fixed. He begins telling her a crazy ass story the next day.

Roy tells her a story about five men looking for revenge. There is an Indian guy, an ex slave named Otta Benga, Charles Darwin, Luigi, and a masked man. They all want revenge against Governor Odious for various wrongs ranging from sending a dead butterfly to driving a future bride to suicide to escape him. He's a dick. Alexandria is picturing this adventure as it happens only to have the story stop when a neighboring patient complains, she has to go to sleep, or she has to use the rest room. These things are also incorporated into the story. Meanwhile, Roy tries tricking Alexandria into getting him some morphine so that he can kill himself because as far as he is concerned his life is over. At one point when she gets injured trying to get pills for him he drunkenly tells her the story and this time instead of the heroic tale it turns into a damned blood bath that makes her cry.

Its hard to compare this movie with other ones but I can say which films it made me feel like. Tale Of Tales for sure. Pan's Labyrinth in some ways. Neverending Story. Just a really good movie with fantasy and good story telling. If you have not checked this out you really should. Is it okay for kids? Depends on how goofy you've raised them. I watched horror films as a kid and I turned out okay...ish.

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