Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Review: Hap And Leonard Season 1

Hap And Leonard 9/10

I had seen that Netflix had this Sundance Channel produced series called Hap And Leonard and ignored it for a couple months. Seriously, the name of the show alone made it sound like some show about rednecks. Even the description seemed uninteresting to me. Then I saw that Michael K. Williams was in it and decided to give it a chance not knowing that it is based off a series of books or anything. This show is ridiculously good. Its about two guys named Hap and Leonard. Williams plays Leonard Pine who is a gay Vietnam vet and Hap Collins is a draft dodger played by James Purefoy. They are best friends who are very different from one another but their friendship seems so real. They have the kind of chemistry that people on other shows and movies can only dream of.

This season centers around the return of Hap's ex wife Trudy played by Christina Hendricks showing up out of the blue with the opportunity to make a lot of money. By the way, Hendricks is one of the most beautiful women on the planet. Even when she is wearing frumpy clothes and her hair is a nightmare I could not stop admiring her. Anyhoot, her new husband Howard knows of some money that was left in a car that fell into a lake years ago. They meet up with him and he is spouting a lot of hippy bullshit that Leonard, who fought in the war, has no desire to listen to. Hap and Leonard end up doing most of the work swimming, battling alligators, racism. All kind of shit.

During the episodes they show some flashbacks of Hap as a child and you get glimpses of how he was raised as well as his journey through prison after deciding not to fight in the war. There is also Leonard's homophobic uncle who is his only family left that keeps getting arrested for trying to swindle the stores. There is also these two lunatics named Soldier and Angel played by Jimmi Simpson and Pollyanna McIntosh. They are fucking insane and I went from thinking they were weird and quirky, to evil, to straight up needing them to die before this season ended because they were too fucked up to exist. I got too emotionally invested in this damned show and its only six episodes.

I intentionally spread this out because there are so few episodes and was so happy to find out that a new season just started last week. I left out quite a few spoilers because I want people that read this to be as shocked as I was while watching this. I also read that this season was written and directed by very few people which helped it keep a consistent tone throughout. This show has a perfect amount of mystery, violence, humor, action, suspense, and drama. I seriously recommend seeing this.

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