Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Review: Iron Fist

Iron Fist 4/10

There will be spoilers. Man, they really managed to bone this series. Over the last two and a half days I watched the new Netflix series Iron Fist. This show was not as bad as some of the reviews I read afterward because there were people ready to hate this show no matter what. I was not a fan of any of the characters that Netflix has been making shows based off of but have watched them all and besides half the second season of Daredevil I have enjoyed them. Jessica Jones was good. Luke Cage was amazing. The first season of Daredevil was good. So I gave this show the same chance because I am not looking to be not entertained. What made me give this a 4 out of 10 instead of less were the characters from the shows I just mentioned showing up.

The basic story is this kid Danny Rand and his parents were in a plane that was shot down and he is saved and trained by some monks that teach him to fight and use the power of Iron Fist. He shows back up in New York at his fathers multi billion dollar company and of course no one believes him because as far as the world knows he died along with his parents. Rand is played by Finn Jones and while I am not bothered by the way he looks I was waiting for him to look...different. Not just in terms of his costume because sadly it never appears. Daredevil made us wait till the last episode but it was a great pay off. That does not happen here.

His face was not emotive enough. Maybe it was his facial hair. I don't know. But the fact that I felt this way watching him without a mask on is not a good sign. He seemed like a fish out of water in the city but still had this air about him as if he knew more than everyone else. He never listened to advice and there were multiple times where he was told to do something that was obviously some sort of set up or trap and I thought “No way he believes...yep. He does. He believed the bad guy. Wow.” And I won't even get into how a show about a character balls deep in martial arts managed to have some of the least interesting martial arts fights. There were two cool scenes involving him using his power but they were episodes apart. He kept losing his ability and it seems like anything can stop it. Pills. Lack of confidence. Poison. Being too angry. Not angry enough.

A lot of this show can be blamed on the writing and/or directing. The characters were so fucking inconsistent. In one episode they would be logical thinking adults and the next they would be fucking sociopaths. One second they are high powered business folk and moments later screaming like spoiled children. The interaction between people seemed like it was written by kids sometimes. “You did something terrible to me. What am I gonna do about it? Well...nothing. I'll have people watch you until you escape or I realize that you are lying a little less than others.” It was confusing. And why is the fact that a guy has fists that light up so unbelievable when it is known that aliens have attacked the city, a man turns into a green monster, and a Norse god walks among them? Iron Fist's abilities shouldn't even be shocking.

The good things about this show were the music and the appearances of Rosario Dawson because she is a beam of magical, beautiful, lovely light and Carrie-Anne Moss. Dawson returns as Claire Temple as she did in all the other Marvel series. She is the most logical person but for some reason she wont just come out and say “You need some fucking help because I have personally known three other people that could do some strange ass shit.” Moss returns and again, she is someone that behaves as if she is on one of the better shows. Whenever she is around the other characters its as if she is so natural and doing great while they are struggling to make sense of what they are saying. This would have been easier to stomach with eight episodes instead of thirteen. I couldn't really suggest this show to anyone beyond the first two episodes really. It falls down and never really gets back up and the way it ends doesn't even seem to connect to the other shows.

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