Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Nothing But Gossip July 3rd 2013

Kevin Clash, the former voice of Elmo, can breathe a little bit easier. Three of his accusers apparently waited too long to try and get some of that sweet red and fuzzy money. That doesn't mean that even more dudes are gonna come looking for a paycheck from this perv.

Rapper 50 Cent is being accused of domestic violence with one of his baby mama's. Did you know that he had two kids and that one of them was 16 years old?

Rihanna released a video of herself twerking. I know I have mentioned twerking in the past and how it can be amazing if done in the right hands (meaning right ass). Rihanna and Miley Cyrus are the wrong hands. And did I mention that in the video she is twerking to Drake who is her on again off again face rearranger, Chris Brown?

Omarosa's mom and some woman I've never heard of named Claudia Jordon got into it at the red carpet for the BET Awards the other night. Claudia took pictures at Omarosa's man's funeral, Michael Clark Duncan, which pissed her off. O's mama called her a “stupid bitch!” and took a swing at her. They've each now filed a police report. Stay classy.

She sits on two massive lies!

On the topic of the BET Awards, wow, was that terrible or what? Not just because I didn't know who anyone was. Not because everyone sounded the same. Not because besides the technical problems, the bad hosting by Chris Tucker, not because the pacing made no sense, but because Nicki Minaj's ass has never looked faker than it did the other night. I mean, come on with the come on! There's no way in hell she can even pretend it is real anymore. Didn't I tell her to Stop It once before? And Meagan Good almost got my ass in trouble because I got distracted by her damned dress.

Jessica Simpson had her baby! I feel like I just did this story already. She named her first one, a girl, Maxwell. She has decided to name her new son Ace Knute. What the fuck is going on here?!

Yes! Lindsay Lohan news! Its been so long since I've been able to report anything. Sources close to her (I'm assuming they mean a spoon and lighter) say that she is afraid of relapsing and is going into hiding. So far so good! I kinda forgot this girl existed.

Eddie “In Jail Again?!” Furlong was sentenced for beating his former girlfriend, violating a protective order she had against him. This is from back in May. He got charged with domestic violence, vandalism because he busted her laptop, and “dissuading a witness by force” which translates to “Bitch I'll cut ya if ya talk!” He got five years probation, three months in drug treatment, and a year of domestic counseling.

Chris Kelly also known as the member of Kriss Kross that girls liked had his cause of death revealed. Overdose. I think everyone figured that out already. That sometimes happens when you do heroin and cocaine.

Speaking of drug users, Charlie Sheen wants to stop paying his ex wife and mother f his children Brooke Mueller $55,000 a month in child support. I know it sounds bad but it actually makes sense seeing as how she cant stay out of trouble and spends more time in rehab than watching her kids. When Charlie seems like a better parent you know something is really wrong.

Now former NFL player Aaron Hernandez has actually done so much bad shit recently that I'd have to actually write a whole 'nother blog just to cover the amount of nonsense that he has been involved with.

Everyone is playing hot potato with Paula Deen and dropping her dumb ass. I write this as an excuse to use this picture. 

I've never been accused of being classy.

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