Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Nothing But Gossip May 7th 2014

The-Dream has turned himself in to New York police after a warrant was issued for his arrest after he beat the shit out of his then pregnant girlfriend, Lydia Nam. He is being charged with two felonies and three misdemeanors. Jackass.

The guy who got his ass beat by Chris Brown and his security guard Christopher Hollosy has released pictures of his face after he was attacked for photobombing. His name is Parker Adams. Brown has been in jail for almost two months now after violating his probation for kicking Rihanna's ass. 

V. Stiviano who is the whistle blower on the whole racist Donald Sterling drama has a history of arrests. She is also being investigated for extortion after Sterling said during an interview “I wish I had just paid her off.” See, this is the problem when you become well known: people start looking into your past. Check this shit out.

In 2002 she was busted for petty theft. She was described as 5'4” 128 lb Hispanic woman named Vanessa Maria Perez. She was convicted and then put on probation. In 2004 she was arrested in Santa Monica for petty theft and felony burglary. She used the same name but now her height was 5'8” and she was 115lbs. In 2010 she was busted in Los Angeles and arrested for possession of a controlled substance which is a felony. Now she is Black and is 5'7” and 125lbs. In 2012 she was caught for DUI. Now her name is Monica Gallegos and she is 5'7” and 110lbs. Other names she used were Maria Valdez, Maria Vanessa Perez, and Mariamonica Perez Gallegos. Phew! She also said in an interview that Sterling is not a racist.

Here's Stiviano not wanting to be seen.

In other Sterling related news singer(?) Ray J who used to be known as a performer and is now the guy you get to be on your reality show/that guy who made Kim Kardashian famous is getting rid of two apartments he leases from Sterling.

There is a new accuser of director Bryan Singer and Gary Goddard! This one is from 2003 where he says when he was 16 he would nude chat with Goddard as they had an online relationship eventually leading to butt sex. Then he says later Goddard and Singer gave him booze and a bodyguard of some sort made him stay in the room where he then beat off whilst sitting on Singer's chest. This shit is getting realer by the week.

Willow Smith, daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, was photographed in bed with a guy and had the picture posted on Instagram. The problem? She is just 13 and he is 20! T-t-the fuck...are you...doin'?! I totally screamed that in Christian Bale's voice. The picture was taken down by the 20 year old, Moises Arias who played on Hannah Montana.


The guy that Columbus Short knocked out and damaged his face was supposed to get a few hundred thousand in an out of court settlement until Short pled poverty. What a dick! The dude still plans on getting something from him. Also, Short filmed video of his female friend getting her ass kicked by his future ex wife Tanee McCall.

That's what friends are for.

Ariel Winter's mother who wants custody of her daughter again said that she would stop if her daughter watched a video in court that she had made. The video showed all the goo times the family had and then...Ariel still went with her sister. She had claimed that her mother was physcially and verbally abusive.

Rapper 2 Chainz was given a sobriety bracelet after being caught with codeine at LAX last year. He pled guilty to misdemeanor drug possession. I seriously wonder how parents let their kids be rappers or athletes nowadays.

Leslie Jones, a writer on Saturday Night Live, has caused quite a stir after her funny as fuck sketch where she spoke of how she would've been prime baby making material during slavery. Here is her response. “Y'all so busy trying to be self righteous you miss what the joke really is. Very sad I have to defend myself to black people. Now I'm betting if Chris Rock or Dave [Chappelle] did that joke or jay z or Kanye put in a rap they would be called brilliant. Cause they all do this type of material. Just cause it came from a strong black woman who ain't afraid to be real y'all mad. So here is my announcement black folks, you won't stop me and Im gonna go even harder and deeper now. Cause it's a shame that we kill each other instead of support each other. This exactly why black people are where we are now cause we too fucking sensitive and instead of make lemonade out of lemons we just suck the sour juice from the lemons. Wake up.”

Mel Gibson will have his battery conviction from the last three years erased since he finished his 16 hours of community service and 52 weeks of counseling. Crazy how after all this time his ex who he beat, Oksana Grigorieva, came out worse in this whole scenario.

Rapper Flo Rida has a baby on the way with Natasha Georgette Williams. She wants money for prenatal care and he offered to pay for an abortion. Well played, sir. Well played. She doesn't want DNA testing before the birth because it can be dangerous. Let's see what this chick looks like.


A background dancer for Britney Spears says that Brit-Brit showed up out of it and while rehearsing smacked her in the face, breaking her nose. She then continued dancing for another half hour. Idiot. Go to the doctor, get pictures taken, then sue. You don't just keep dancing like some zombie.

Bruce Willis and his wife Emma Heming welcome a new daughter Evelyn Penn Willis the other day. Thankfully this daughter didn't get a screwed up ass name. Looking at you Rumer, Scout, Mabel Ray, and Tallulah Belle

Miley Cyrus is on a hotdog. 

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