Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Day Mary Lynn Rajskub Got Hot

Mary Lynn Rajskub plays Chloe on the TV show 24. And she is hot now. She's never looked unattractive or anything. But I never really checked her out. When she was on the show she always had this look on her face like you were interrupting her in the middle of something. She just looked super annoyed and talked to everyone like the tech support people you have to deal with on the phone that get pissed off when you don't understand all the computer shit they are saying. I've seen her in a couple of other movies as well like Punch Drunk Love which is one of my favorite movies. In that she was a mean ass sister that seemed annoyed. I was like “This woman needs to start smiling.”

Imagine my surprise when I start watching this new season of 24 and see Chloe all goth'd up and looking hot. Cut her hair, dyed it black, wear some black clothing and all of a sudden I'm warm for her form. She is married and I'm sure that when someone is married to an actor or actress and they have to do some extreme makeover like Gary Oldman, Tom Hardy, or Christian Bale (his poor, poor wife who had to deal with him during the filming of American Hustle) they must get nervous. Your spouse has to gain 50 pounds of fat, shave their head, or get some look that is just not the business. But Rajskub's husband had to have been like “Damn, baby! You is lookin' fine!” Pretty sure he doesn't talk like that normally but after seeing her new look he started speaking jive. 

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