Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Spoiler Alert: 24 Live Another Day

24: Live Another Day is done and I'm not quite sure if there needs to be another season of the show. This season was different than previous ones in that instead of twenty four one hour episodes they did twelve, having the last episode take place during the last thirteen hours which made me actually say “Come on!” when I heard Jack say it. This will have spoilers so if you get mad because something was ruined that means you are a silly person that doesn't read the title of things.

There are two main parts of the series which would have been fine if given a full season. There are just far too many people and plot points going on and very important things that change characters lives that are thrown out here without enough development.

I had not seen 24 in a while and forgot how violent this show was. This season Jack Bauer played by Kiefer Sutherland is a fugitive and is trying to stop this evil woman from using drones to blow things up. But Jack can't do it alone so he finds Chloe O'Brian played by Mary Lynn Rajskub who this season has tattoos and a Gothic look that changed the shape of my pants. Since this takes place in twenty hours I had issues with a lot of people getting hurt and recovering in an hour or two. By the end of this season everyone should've been limping. Chloe is brought back by Jack with a needle in her heart and up and movie moments later. Even after jumping from a moving vehicle and rolling down a hill she manages to escape through a forest! Pain? Ain't nobody got time for that!

CIA agent Kate Morgan played by Yvonne Strahovski is after Jack but eventually realizes that she is wrong and starts helping him out. It seems really obvious that she is going to get her own show at some point and she should just because she recovers faster than Wolverine. At one point she is drugged to trick some guys, gets tortured, escapes, kills some guys, and has no after effects of this. Even her busted mouth heals a couple hours later. I know its TV and I'm supposed to suspend disbelief but even the things that happened on here were just too much for me to forget.

The villain this time is Michelle Fairlay who is controlling the drones with the help of her children. Her son flies them remotely and her daughter is just evil as shit but tries to do good when the weather changes. Oh, at one point she gets hit by a bus, survives, brought back to life twice at the hospital, and makes it through a high speed chase where rockets are shot at her. Hell, even when you thought the president who is suffering from Alzheimer's is dead it turns out they used a trick from Speed to save him! This is a show where I can say no one dies but then randomly someone will. Like the evil woman when she gets tossed out the window by Jack.

The other villain is Cheng Zhi played by Tzi Ma who wants to start a war with America even though everyone thought he was dead. His plan makes sense if this were a comic book but even his followers would've been like “Sir, this” There is more to this but I'm not gonna get into all of it. Out of twelve episodes I would say the best were the last four or so. 

I also complained about the camera work during the season. At times it was cool like in previous seasons and other times it was like someone just discovered what the zoom button did and was gonna use it as many times as he could. The sound would drop and I'd have to turn my volume way up and when the beeping for the commercial break started my neighbors had no doubt what show I was watching. This season ended leaving room for another season but they should just let Jack either have a happy ending or die heroically.

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