Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Review: The Iceman

The Iceman 5/10

I finally watched this movie The Iceman starring Michael Shannon as the real life serial killer Richard Kuklinski. I had meant to watch this for a while since I watched the documentary about the guy years ago on cable. This movie should have been way better than it was but it seemed like they were trying to make this lunatic somewhat a good guy and as if he were just doing bad things to get money to give his family a better life. They showed a few moments of him losing his shit at home but left out how he beat his wife played by Winona Ryder and would be evil as hell for long periods of time. In this it was more like he would lose his temper and some of the bad would get out for his family to see. This movie definitely had a Goodfellas vibe to it which wasn't helped by the fact that Ray Liotta was in it.

Richard tells his family that he dubs movies for Disney but in reality he does it for porno flicks. One day he is approached and threatened by Liotta to work for him which he does very well. His house gets bigger, his family is doing well, but the mafia killings start to get in the way of more work for him and he ends up working with Robert Pronge played by Chris Evans. That's right! Zod and Captain America/Johnny Storm/Casey Jones end up going after and killing The Green Goblin! I mean James Franco.

The parts of the movie that are good are really good but it felt so uneven that just when I was getting into it something would happen and yank me right out of it. The passage of time felt unclear and it was up to me to go “Oh, he changed his hair” or “Okay, the music sounds different” to know that the years were going by. I really wanted to like this movie and have a weird feeling that somewhere there is a version of this that is way darker and better.

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