Friday, March 14, 2014

Update On Father Killed For Texting In Theater

Remember a few months back when I wrote about that old man shooting that guy in a movie theater for texting in Florida? CLICK HERE if you haven't. So the case is going on now where the 71 year old former police captain Curtis Reeves shot and killed 43 year old Chad Oulson and wounded his wife Nicole Oulson. Reeves has plead not guilty to second-degree murder and could get 25 years in prison if convicted. Might as well say death. Well it turns out that Reeves was texting just minutes before he shot and killed a man for doing the same damned thing.

Reeves received a text from his son, Matthew Reeves, saying that he was running late for the screening of Lone Survivor and his father replied that he and his wife were there and already seated. Now, in the original reports there was never any mention of the fact that his wife was there with him. I pictured this angry, old man just wanting to see some war films. His son Matthew apparently arrived just as the shot was fired.

Matthew, who is also a cop, tried to attend to Oulson after his father had shot him. Reeves is also being charged with aggravated battery since the same bullet hurt Oulson's wife. He is still in jail with no bail. Jamira Dixon, told investigators that a month before the shooting took place that he had complained about her texting to a theater manager. He didn't shoot her but is said to have stared her down the entire movie.

In light of these recent developments it makes me look at what I first wrote differently. Yes, I still think its just rude as all fuck to text in a theater whether the movie has started or not. Knock yourself out and ignore your friend with you before the lights dim (which by the way I make mental notes to not see films with these people again) but as soon as the trailers start your phone should be put away. Step out if you absolutely have to text someone. But I think that no matter what this guy did that he was going to be attacked by this old man.

This shouldn't have gotten to the point where words were crossed, popcorn was thrown, and someone murdered of course but it seems like this old man is someone that was just itching for a fight with someone. It could have been Oulson or anyone else. His thing it seems now that he is a retired cop is to just go to movies and fuck with people. 

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