Monday, March 31, 2014

Spoiler Alert: The Walking Dead "The Grove" Episode

I don't watch The Walking Dead on AMC. When it first started I watched the first episode and liked it. But as time went on I just didn't care to keep watching. I heard recaps of it every week on the radio and listened to interviews with the creator and it never captured my interest. I was intrigued when a friend told me that Michonne was finally showing up. By that time I was watching movies and other stuff and just didn't care to catch up to the show. Updates were fine for me and they confirmed what I already thought about the show: it was too bleak.

For a week or so I kept hearing and seeing the phrase “Just look at the flowers” and wanted to know what it was all about. I stopped watching Justified long enough to watch the season finale of TWD and realized as it ended that I was watching the wrong episode. So I found the correct one titled “The Grove” and within minutes was happy that I didn't have kids. Not because its hard enough keeping them alive without worrying about zombie attacks, but because they would seriously cut into my zombie killing time.

So I watch and I see a Black guy and I go “Whelp, he's dead.” But he doesn't die. Shocking. Truly shocking. So there's a big Black guy named Tyreese. A White lady named Carol. A baby named Zombie Snack. And two little girls. The smaller one is named Mika and she is scared of things but logical about the harsh realities of the zombie infested world that they now live in. Lizzie

Oh, Lizzie. You insane fucking child. You absolute liability to every right thinking person in your immediate vicinity. Think I'm being too hard on this kid, huh? Well, do ya?! Look at this shit.

That is her playing tag with a goddamn zombie! Know why? She thinks she can talk to and play with them. She doesn't want them to be hurt. She feeds one on the train tracks live rats to keep them alive. She freaks the fuck out when anyone kills a zombie. Its a mess. So the episode goes on and I'm just like “This kid needs to be taken out. Now.” Tyreese and Carol go into the woods and gather nuts or some hippy shit and when they get back to the cabin they found Lizzie is standing outside with a bloody knife. Oh, and Mika is laying dead on the ground.

Carol talks Lizzie out of shooting her and Tyreese and murdering the baby because it can't walk yet. Carol promises not to blow Mika's head off so that she can come back as a zombie. After a chat with Tyreese Carol leads Lizzie out into the woods. Lizzie thinks Carol is upset with her for her bullshit and Carol tells her to “just look at the flowers.” It is a line her now dead sister Mika used to calm her down when she would freak out about zombie life. Carol pulls out her gun and then...

She takes her to "puppy lake."

She blows that kids brains out. A lot of people have talked about this episode and I was expecting to freak out. I didn't. That kid was dangerous as fuck. You imagine going to sleep and waking up with that kid downstairs just letting zombies into the house because she wants to play Twister? Fuck that. I'm on Team People and on Team People we get rid of liabilities.

There are people who would struggle to kill a family member or kid during an end of the world scenario. Maybe its because I don't have kids. But if we are being chased by a zombie, a killer, a monster, or a zombie killer monster and whoever won't chill out and gets the rest of the group in danger they are gonna get smothered. Remember that scene in War Of The Worlds when Tom Cruise took out Tim Robbins crazy ass? Yeah. Like that. 

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