Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gossip & Shit: January 16th 2013

Eddie Furlong is in jail once again for domestic violence. This is the third time in as many months. I cant believe it’s the same damned chick he keeps attacking. He’s been canned from a movie he was making since they don’t know if his ass will be in jail or not.

Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa announced that they will not be divorcing. So homely White girls working in hotels across America can breathe a sigh of relief.

Britney Spears and her fiance who even if I named him you would have no idea who he was have split. This is right when she is done with X Factor Voice Idol and planning a Vegas show. I smell crazy 'round the corner...

The Kardashian’s plan on sharing breast milk. Thoughts?

Lindsay Lohan has gotten rid of her lawyer Shawn Holley. I don’t agree with this decision. She owes her $300,000. Funny enough, for me, is that is around the same amount her dad Michael Lohan owes in love child child support back payments. I wish this girl would hurry up and get arrested and actually locked in jail.

Jodie Foster came out the closet publicly this week. And I’m Black. That’s all for This Week In Obviousness!

With the news that not only is Amber Rose pregnant with Wiz Khalifa’s child, but married as well, the Spank Bank is on the fiscal cliff.

Shakira is pregnant?! And due any day?! I give up.

Lance Armstrong may or may not have admitted to using performance enhancing drugs on his Oprah interview. Who cares? He just rode a bike for a living.

If you didn’t know that Al Roker sharted himself at The White House now you do.

Conrad Bain aka Mr. Drummond from Diff’rent Strokes has died at the age of 89. Who would’ve thought he’d outlive most of the cast?

Huell Howser’s cause of death has been listed as prostate cancer. He had no kids and was never married. Hmm…


Hoozle said...

THANK YOU for pointing that out about the Armstrong controversy. I swear, the way people are talking it's like a thunderous ground-shaking event that will change us forever.

Dante said...

Yeah. Its a lot of nonsense. Who gives a damn, really? He's a bike rider. All the news has been that, gun control, and some college football player whose girlfriend that wasn't even real dying. This is why I stopped watching the news and follow mostly gossip.