Thursday, January 23, 2014

Should Gal Gadot Be Wonder Woman?

A while back I wrote a blog defending Ben Affleck playing Batman here in the upcoming Superman movie. I'm still fine with this but then I heard that they were going to add Wonder Woman to the mix and my eyebrow went up so fast that it hurt. There is always a problem when it comes to Wonder Woman films which I wrote about before here.

Wonder Woman is an iconic character that has had highs and lows in the comics, a cool series back in the day, an incredible resurgence in cartoon, but has struggled in terms of a movie or new series. Hell, the latest attempt at a series was so bad that it didn't even get a chance to air after the script and images of it got out. Honestly the best version of a live action Wonder Woman since Lynda Carter was Kimberly Kane in a porno!

Hire this woman!!!

This actress, Gal Gadot, is now set to play Wonder Woman in the three different films. Now, this is either wishful thinking on the part of Warner Bros. or they know something about this woman that I don't. When I heard that she was picked I immediately went to the internets to see who the hell she even was. I don't have a problem with an unknown, I just want her to be older and look awesome.

While she is pretty she doesn't scream Wonder Woman to me. Hopefully she gains about 40 pounds in muscle before filming starts. No, this isn't my like of women having heavy parts. Its just logic. She's been in some of the Fast & Furious movies, Date Night, and Knight & Day. If you asked me to tell you what she did in those F&F films I couldn't tell you which means she lacks screen presence. Which of course is exactly what you want in a Wonder Woman.

These films aren't even coming out for the next two years so there's plenty of time for this chick to turn 30 and bulk up and be a kickass Wonder Woman. The whole being in the Israeli army thing certainly won't hurt. I'll attempt to hold judgment until I see her in costume.

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