Tuesday, January 28, 2014

DVDiculous: Metallica Through The Never

I got to watch Through The Never and I feel like such an ass for not watching it when it was in theaters because this movie is massive. Its a concert film and a crazy ass chase film combined. It stars the band Metallica of course and Dane Dehaan who you may know from Lawless and Chronicle. He's a roadie that is given the task of taking fuel to a stalled truck that needs to be at the concert.

This film manages to mix the story perfectly with the music. If you are a fan of Metallica you'll be happy. If you like seeing riots, hangings, and massive explosions you'll also be happy. The roadie, Trip, gets into a car accident and the next thing you know a bunch of people are fighting with cops and then this big son of a bitch shows up on a horse and starts lynching folks. Meanwhile at the concert...

Metallica is kicking ass at the concert! They play every one of my favorite songs. Every. The stage is made of screens that change with each song. There are caskets above the stage that have screens. The fans are going nuts. Stagehands burst into flames. Its pretty intense. I suggest everyone check this out, particularly if you have a huge TV and your neighbors don't mind if you blow their windows out with awesome ass music.

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