Thursday, September 11, 2014

Babbling Old Man: Paper Moon & The Ice Pirates

So I watched this new film called Paper Moon with Ryan O'Neal and his daughter Tatum O'Neal with Beastman and H. I had kinda heard of this film in that I knew that Tatum had won an Oscar at the age of 10 and...that's about it. It's the story of a con man named Moses Pray (I say flim flam man) that goes around to the family of people who recently died and saying that they ordered a specially made bible right before they died and collecting the cash from them. Its a pretty shitty way to scam folks.

Moses heads to a funeral of a woman and as soon as he gets there this lady is like “Hey, you look like this little girl so she must be your daughter and you should take her to her family because you seriously have the same jaw as her so take her to St. Louis!” The little girl, Addie, goes with him and eventually starts running these scams with him. They start with charging more for the bibles, running cash register schemes, and eventually getting around to robbing a bootlegger. Bad idea. When they got to that point I knew that someone was gonna get their ass kicked.

This was a really good movie. Even knowing the real life story between this father and daughter team I was able to enjoy it. The look of it was really cool and having it in black and white made it feel more like a classic film than it really was. Check this out if you haven't. Like me. This came out before I was even born.

Next up was The Ice Pirates. This came out in 1984 and is about a group of space pirates (which should've been the name of the film) that rob other ships for ice because water is super scarce. It stars Robert Ulrich as Jason who is the leader of all these crazy ass pirates. Anjelica Huston and Ron Perlman are also a part of his crew. The end up taking a princess played by Mary Crosby with them and running from the Templar who are the bad guys pretending to be the good guys.

There is this magical lost planet that some people believe in and others who think its a myth. For a bunch of people that are in the future no one looks all that ashy or dying of thirst. People seem either super angry or okay with everything. The pirates seem alright for the most part until one of them gets bitten by a space herpe. Yes. A space herpe appears in this movie.

This was a really fun movie to watch even though the special effects were shaky as all hell. I would have liked to know more about the characters because the whole crew is pretty established when it starts. Surprised that there was never a sequel made.

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