Sunday, September 21, 2014

Demand It!: Hand Of God

Amazon has a series of original shows where they have just the pilot and you go online and vote for which ones you want to watch as a regular series. The one I watched and fell in love with is called Hand Of God and it stars Ron Perlman as a corrupt ass judge named Pernell Harris. This guy is dirty as hell and proud of it.

One day he is found bathing in a parks lake by police. They are trying to keep the whole thing covered up but he is clearly not handling his sons attempted suicide well. His son witnessed his own wife being raped while he was forced to watch. Pernell refuses to let the slow wheels of justice grind and decides to be saved at a small church run by Paul Curtis, a washed up soap star, played by Julian Morris. This guy is obviously dirty as well and gladly accepts Pernell's $50,000 “donation.” He gets a visit from Pernell's wife Crystal Harris played by Dana Delaney who grabs his dick and threatens him. She is not fucking around and will do whatever she needs to to make sure Pernell stays clean in the public eye.

The sons wife Jocelyn played by Alona Tal wants the plug pulled on her husband because he is brain dead is forced by Pernell to watch a cops dick that Pernell thinks committed the rape because he watched spilled wine go towards his foot. No one else sees the wine on the floor nor did anyone see the blood pouring from the foot of his son as he stabbed him trying to snap him out of his coma as he was being prayed for. The shit is intense! Also involved is a just freed prisoner that is very religious played by Garret Dillahunt. The last scene of the episode made me scream that I wasn't able to immediately watch more!

This show was the perfect blend of drama, suspense, mystery, and politics. It reminded me of when Dexter was good and what House Of Cards sounded like before I watched it. The cast is amazing as well as the way the show looked. It has been a while since a shows first episode got me this excited and I really hope this gets picked up.  

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KJ said...

It is also the one I voted for. It was a bit of a shakey first episode, but there's real potential for a dark and disturbing drama series here.

That ridiculous bank scene earl in the pilot was rough going though.