Saturday, February 25, 2012

Being Human Jumped The Shark

I hate change. I like things when they are good and don’t change. Hmm. Those sentences alone could explain my failure in relationships. But this isn’t about that. This is about a show I have fallen in love with jumping the shark. Granted, I got to watch three seasons of the show Being Human and they were three amazing seasons. So the horror I felt while watching the new fourth season just crushed me.

Anyone that has spoken to me in the last two weeks have heard me rant and rave about this show. The question “What are you doing?” was usually “Watching Being Human.” I was, and still am, starving for new shows to watch and was past delighted to find this one. It airs on BBC and I live in America and don’t have cable so I didn’t even know it existed but I do have the internet so pfffft. Allow me to give you a quick recap of the show. And if you plan on watching this show you should stop reading right now.

Still here? Okay.

The show revolves around three main characters. There is Mitchell, who is a vampire that tries to not kill. It is difficult and he has slip ups but he manages to hold down a job and be an okay guy. George is a werewolf that has to hide or lock himself up once a month when he changes. Annie is a ghost that was murdered by her fiancé and drove his ass crazy when she told him a secret that only dead people know.

Later Annie gets sucked back into the afterlife. Mitchell crosses over and saves her but a ghost tells him a werewolf will murder him. George scratches his girlfriend, Nina, and she becomes a werewolf as well. They have werewolf sex and she gets pregnant. George eventually has to kill Mitchell at the end of season three much to the anger of The Older Ones who are…old vampires.

There is a lot of stuff I left out. Mitchell went nuts after Annie was taken away and murdered a train full of people. They moved out of their home and live in a bed and breakfast. They met a “zombie.” Vampire hunting werewolves showed up. The main bad guy got his head ripped off then brought back and killed again. It was awesome!

Then season four started.

It starts off in 2037 (first red flag). I hate the future. Let me clarify. I hate when things show the future because that means that no matter what I am watching it wont matter because, ta-da!, here’s the ending. Or worse it means that someone from the future is going to travel back in time and fuck with things.

In the future vampires have already started wrecking shit. Some chick that is way too hot and clean is running things in London for The Resistance. I swear I’ll never join a group with that name. They always get their asses beat.

The werewolf Tom who hunted vampires with his dad is back. I didn’t care for this character and hoped he wouldn’t be a permanent fixture. Guess what? He is. Mitchell is still dead. Oh, and so is Nina. Yeah. Nina, the mother of George’s baby--oh, that’s right. She had the baby. Yeah, she got killed by vampires. George doesn’t sleep and has his baby’s crib surrounded by crosses and gave up on hygiene.

Annie is supposed to watch the baby while George and Tom go hunting for the people responsible for Nina’s death but they are led into a trap. The baby gets taken to the vampires and George is held for The Older Ones. Back in the future…or whatever, the hot chick has herself killed so she can go back in time. What the fuck?!

The vampires wait for the baby to become a wolf and it doesn’t. George meanwhile while captured “tricks” his wolf side into thinking it’s a full moon by looking at a picture of one. I shit you not that actually fucking happened. He goes berserker and kills a bunch of vampires with Tom and a skinny vampire kid. The baby is a savior of humanity or some shit. And the future lady hot chick is going into the after life to kill it. There was a map of human skin that foretold this and--I cant. I…I cant.

George ends up dying from organ failure because he transformed but cant turn back human. He dies but finally names his daughter, Eve. I kid you not but as he was about to say the name I said to myself “Please don’t say Eve, please don’t say Eve…” So George dies and moves on in the most unemotional death of this entire series. I mean, when the “zombie” chick died it had more impact. They had George, this lovable and awesome ass character, go out with the weakest fucking way.

In between all that there is another group living together. An old werewolf that dies, a ghost, and a vampire. Now I’m like “Oh, so what I watched for three seasons wasn’t all that special, now was it?!” I said it to myself in a Guy Ritchie style character voice and it sounded way cooler. The preview for the next episode shows them all meeting the rest of the cast.

Count me out.

Though I hate change I accept it. At times. When it makes sense I can change. Even if I don’t accept it I can at the very least understand it. If this show had ended with the third season I would’ve been fine. There have been other times when I felt this way. Like with Dexter. If it had stopped at season four with The Trinity Killer I wouldn’t have said shit. But they had to go and pump out two more mediocre seasons.

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