Monday, August 5, 2013

All Grown An' Shit 4

Remember that show Wonder Years? Of course you do. It was a great show that every once in a while would toss a super depressing ass episode in to remind you about the time period the show took place in. One of the main reasons I and other guys watched the show was because of Winnie Cooper. There is no secret that I am thousands of other guys grew up wishing that we had a neighbor that was literally “the girl next door.” I have never in my life had a neighbor that I wanted to get with. Yeah, there was that fat chick over the summer vacation when I was about 13 but that doesn’t count. She lived across the street, not next door.

So Winnie Cooper was played by an actress named Danica McKellar. She has vanished from the public meaning my line of sight for a long ass time until she popped up in Maxim magazine. Now with actresses from when I was little you never know what they are gonna look like when they grow up much like with girls you go to school with. The hottest girl can become a mess and a girl you barely paid attention to will grow up to be a damned bombshell. Winnie Cooper grew up pretty damn good looking.

A few weeks ago when I was watching TMZ they showed her dressed as some sort of space hooker in a Avril Lavigne video. I refuse to listen to that girl sing so I have not seen the video but I have seen these images and that should be good enough for the rest of you damned perverts out there.

I know these shows like Wonder Years were supposed to teach you lessons and stuff but mostly it was about the girls. The damned Cosby Show managed to create Rudy who turned out all hot. When Wonder Years went away I was pissed because I wasn’t gonna get to see Winnie anymore. Now all you horndogs out there can see her whenever you want and you don’t have to wait decades the way I did. 

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