Monday, August 12, 2013

DVDiculous: Odd Thomas

A few years back I was all about Dean Koontz’s series Odd Thomas about a kid that has the ability to see and interact with the dead. The series was good for about two books but with the departure of Elvis Presley, the introduction of people with special needs (which pops up quite a bit in Koontz books) and magical dogs (the second thing that always pops up in his books) I lost interest in the stories. I found out that a film had been completed which was weird because the last I heard it was in development hell and there were multiple fan films made.

Anton Yelchin who was recently in Star Trek Into Darkness stars as Odd Thomas. Like I said, he can see and communicate with the dead. It starts with a dead young girl walking up to him. He ends up using his psychic magnetism to find this guy driving and ends up chasing him down and brawling with him, knocking his ass out until the cops show up. Willem Dafoe plays police chief Wyatt Porter who knows of Odd’s powers and reluctantly uses his help in solving crimes.

His girlfriend Stormy Llewellyn is played by Addison Timlin knows about his powers and is very much in love with him. They say they are destined to be together because of a fortune teller machine when they were younger. Some strange guy that they refer to as Fungus Bob comes into the restaurant and is surrounded by these creatures called Bodachs. These creatures always appear right when something terrible is about to happen.

The jacked up thing about these creatures is that if you see them and let them know that you see them they will find a way to kill you real quick. So even when they are right in Odd’s face and rubbing their hands all over his friends he has to pretend he cant see a thing.

There’s a huge massacre coming to his town of Pico Mundo and its up to Odd to stop it! This was a far better movie than I thought. The music, the look, the effects were all top notch. The actors? Not so much. This was one of the most miscast movies I’ve seen in a while which sucks because so much was done right! This movies has more twists than a M. Knight movie but not in a bad way. Just when you think you have things figured out they change. I’d probably watch this again if it was on.

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