Friday, September 9, 2011

Gossip & Shit September 9th 2011

Jim Carrey is busy stalking Emma Stone and spray painting his art studio. Remember when he was funny? Man, I miss the 90’s…

Ricki Lake was hurt while practicing for Dancing With The Stars. “Who?” anyone born after 1993 asked.

Bill Cosby wants us to not eat so much pudding. Piss off, Heathcliff.

Chris Brown had 95 of 117 parking tickets dismissed. Kids, fuck school. Just get famous.

Anthony Michael Hall is scaring his neighbors. Why? “Why not?!” he probably shouted in response before spinning on the ground Curly style.

“Rapper” Soulja Boy apologized for talking shit about the troops. “Swallow me” no one replied but totally could’ve.

An 84 year old woman hit Reese Witherspoon while she was jogging. “Huh?” the old lady asked because she is 84 and should not be driving!

Mel Gibson is making a movie about Jews. In other news Lindsay Lohan is making a movie about the joys of sobriety. Not really, but it makes as much sense.

First fucking with cops, then fighting people in parking lots, then getting kicked out of restaurants for wearing tank tops, now making stupid ass remarks about the gays. Rapper The Game needs to stay the fuck indoors for a while.

More Orlando Brown news! The guy that was on That’s So Raven was arrested for drunk driving a couple weeks ago says he wasn’t driving but playing his new CD for a fan. “Bitch, please…Reality said.

A fan was tackled while trying to approach Lil Wayne on stage. “Spear! Spear! Spear!” announcer Jim Ross would’ve said if he was there. Or knew what rap music was.

And for no reason Monica Bellucci!

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