Thursday, August 25, 2011

FAP FILES: Christina Hendricks

Here is Christina Hendricks. She is hot. Like fucking hot. As the great poet Bobby Brown once said “Too hot to handle too cold to hold.” I first saw a picture of her on a magazine and was like “Uh, who dat…?” in my sexiest of caveman like voices. She’s on the show Mad Men on AMC. I don’t care. I don’t have cable so I cant watch AMC. But I do have Google and can see as many pictures of her as I want.

Yes, I am fully aware that she is quite pale and that if I were to mate with her our children would likely come out gray in skin tone. Don’t care. She hot. And red isn’t even her natural hair color. I forget why she dyed it and honestly don’t care. As popular as she is there have been no goofy ass scandals with her. You wont see her stumbling out of clubs wearing heels with her dress over her head.


Women in Britain got bigger boobs because of her. She has changed a nation! Esquire named her The Sexiest Woman Alive last year. And if you saw her husband (actor Geoffrey Arend) and how unattractive he was you would lose your fucking mind! I know who he is and he is an unfortunate looking fella. See? She’s nice too.

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