Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gossip & Shit August 31st 2011

Rapper T.I just got out of jail in time to shoot another reality show. Lets hope its good and-oh, he’s in jail again.

Alyssa Milano isn’t pregnant. She’s FUCKING pregnant!

Britney Spears wants more kids. Okay, lets cut this shit out right now!!!

Oscar De La Hoya is out of rehab for using cocaine, alcohol, and cheating on his wife. Good for him. Wait. He was married to a woman?!

Someone is offering to purchase the Kim Kardashian sex tape for $30 million dollars. Uh, they are aware you can download it for free right? "Guess not" the Internet said.

Tupac’s friends rolled his ashes into a joint and smoked him. Tupac’s family is understandably angry. Apparently his friends didn’t share.

Justin Bieber was in a car accident and he got away uninjured. “This time…” God said.

Beyonce and husband Jay-Z are having a baby. The Spank Bank continues to suffer loses…

Chelsea Handler was kicked out a bathroom stall she was in with a man. Dude, its Chelsea handler. Use a glory hole.

Nancy Grace will be on Dancing With The Stars. Now there are even more ways for me to ignore her!

Some chick (…?) says that Matthew Fox roughed her up. I’d be ashamed to say I was attacked by the dude known for Lost and Party of Five.

The MTV Video Music Awards happened. How bizarre. MTV doesn’t play music nor videos.

Beyonce’s funny looking younger sister needs attention so she tried to get into a club with a 5 foot banana. No, not Carlton from The Fresh Prince!

And for no reason Selita Ebanks!

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